Test Drive Polaris Slingshot in Miami

Polaris has broken every rule in the book with this new 3-wheeler slingshot that state legislation does not even know how to classify it.

Even though the federal government has classified this toy as a motorcycle, each state seems to have its own opinion. while Hawaii and Maryland have said no up until now, states like California allow you to drive it with a basic drivers license.

Luckily down here in Florida it is legal and drivable with a motorcycle or three wheeler endorsement.

Funny part is states like Texas and Indiana have no clue how to even label it that they had to pass new legislation to label it as an “autocycle”, making the polaris slingshot sit in a category all by itself like it truly deserves.


This isn’t the first three wheeler invented, we have had campagna T-Rex and Morgan 3 wheelers out for several years now so why so much commotion now? Well thats a simple answer, Polaris has the “man power” to build lots of them and build them right.

When you sit behind the 2016 polaris slingshot and take it for a test drive you will know what we are talking about


Type: 2-seat autocycle

Engine: 2.4 liter 4-Cylinder

Power: 173 hp with 166 lbs-ft torque

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual

Sport tuned transmission with sway bar.



If you can’t have fun in this then you do not deserve to drive one, its that simple. From the way it grips the road to the way the 3 wheeler responds on turns you cant get tired of them. You will want to be renting one slingshot every weekend. Nothing with 4 wheels can even come close to competing with its topless attitude and media features.

• 6 waterproof premium speakers

• Back-up camera for easy parking

• 100% waterproof interior

• 20inch rims and low profile sport tires.

• wind reflecting visor

When we first got it we took it for a spin around the city and lets just say it was more then we expected it to be, if you under steer well you’ll be doing a donut, if you don’t the slingshot will grip the road close and launch you into the curve while you rev her up to 7000 RPM… yes you heard right 7000 RPM. what else can you ask of a car with no doors? You can feel the uplift of the wind from under the 3 wheeler rush into the cockpit everytime you step on the gas.

Seriously, If your thinking about getting yourself one or simply want to enjoy a fun day around Miami, reserve your slingshot with us and we will personally deliver it to you (anywhere from Broward to Monroe County). We will get you riding in style down sunny south florida within a few hours and if you want to come back for more we have a loyalty program that will get you renting the slingshot for free. find out more about it when you call to book your slingshot.


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