Top 10 reasons to rent a Polaris Slingshot

You’re back in a deep dream reality with Slingshot Rentals Miami, if you have seen the 3-wheeled motorcycle roadster known as the Polaris Slingshot. You’re not at a motor scooter store with us, where you are only capable of staring, touching, and if lucky going on a sleazy test-drive. The Polaris Slingshot is new motorcycle that has hit the streets of south beach and has hit them hard. The Slingshot was crafted to perfection, making a conversation starter at almost every red light on the beach and across South Florida. Lucky for you although it has been added to many peoples bucket list, we can let you drive the Slingshot as if it was your own for a few hundred bucks! No hidden fees or taxes with us, simple and straight forward pricing.


You might ask yourself, why is every motorcycle enthusiast finding a way to add the Polaris Slingshot to his or her bucket list? What makes so many motorcycle enthusiasts rent a Slingshot? We don’t have all the answers why by the majority of the answers make your blood pump, gets your adrenaline flowing and causes anxiety to rent one and enjoy a ride in one.


  1. The Cockpit

Gone are the days of side-cars and back seats with any motorcycle, or better yet roofless rides. It’s no fun to be behind a pilot or far out in a sidecar far away from the radio console. The Slingshot cockpit has adjustable bucket seats, 3 storage compartments to store your motorcycle helmet (if desired for anyone over 21) and plenty of leg space for long rides.


  1. Design

Half man/half amazing or half motorcycle/half sports car. The design of the Slingshot makes it shine it’s true values; power, confidence, luxury, fashion, and innovation. We are so sure of it we guarantee you will get jaw-dropping attention.


  1. Under the Hood

With little over 1000 pounds of weight, the 2.3L DOHC ECOTEC engine is sure to shove you around in your seat. 5 speed manual transmission, performance grade belt drive, and a roaring exhaust makes for a bang on your buck.

  1. Control

Thank you newton for discovering gravitational forces. The Slingshot can handle up to 1g around corners. Setting the motorcycle inches from the ground and a third leg in the back has made handling feel futuristic.


  1. Safety

When you have a bullet car capable of high speeds safety starts to become a matter of concern. The Polaris Slingshot has an aerodynamic design and tight body to help with that. In addition it has two DOT approved seat belts, a sleek windshield to protect anyone in the cockpit from debris or wind. Not to mention, while you get the hang of just one wheel in the back, our whole rental fleet of slingshots come with back-up cameras that display a full range of what’s behind you.


  1. Fuel

Small, cheap fuel tank to fill. With only 9 gallons of premium 93 octane fuel this 3-wheeler still sits as an inexpensive form of transportation. Lasting roughly 300 miles a tank. What else can you ask for?


  1. Law

The Majority of the states in the country require a motorcycle endorsement and some treat it as a car. Although some states have banned registration, luckily here in Florida we can legally ride the Polaris Slingshot down South Beach or take a trip to Key West. Rent out a Slingshot here in Miami and enjoy it on any legal street.


  1. The Third Leg!

The rear wheel on the slingshot speaks for itself. A 10-spoke, 20-inch black anodized rim. Cat-aluminum right swingarm, a sachs coilover, and a complimentary 255/35-series tire. Need I say more?

  1. ESC Programming

Although we all want to feel like professional Nascar drivers at time, lets all be honest and agree we all need a bit of help at times. So on that note, the motorcycle has been equipped with traction control to be there when you need it, because there is no fun without safety.


  1. Bragging Rights

Many speak and few act. Not everyone will be able to say they have ridden, driven, yet alone seen a Polaris Slingshot SL in person. Some call it the batmobile, others a transformer but what we do know is that it performs like a champ every time the ignition is turned on.

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