Test Drive a Polaris Slingshot

Test Drive a Polaris Slingshot

test drive a polaris slingshot in Miami Beach, FL 

Interested in buying yourself one of these 3-wheel motorcycle but not completely convinced if you want to own it? Well here with Slingshot Rentals Miami, you can test drive Polaris Slingshot for a few hours and drive it like it is yours. From the wheeling to the sit-in cockpit to the five-speed manual transmission, this beast is ready to be told how to use the horsepower under the hood. Standard with an eco-tech four cylinder engine that pushes up to 173 HP to the rear wheel, you must be ready to have an adrenaline filled afternoon if you’re going to test drive a Slingshot.

Many might confuse it as a car but here in the state of Florida, it is considered a motorcycle, meaning to drive it you must have a motorcycle endorsement.

NOTE: For Polaris rentals, if you are an international tourist with an international license or an out of state resident who has a license that meets or surpasses Florida’s minimum requirements you are okay to test drive the Polaris Slingshot SL. 


Test Polaris Slingshot Hourly


You can pick out the color 3 wheeler you want to sit in and take out for a test drive. We have over 4 different colors to pick from just have to be lucky enough to call in time before someone takes the one you want. If you’re on edge to get behind the wheel of a Polaris Slingshot, reserve a test drive now. The experience you have with us here at Slingshot Rentals Miami is better than any test drive you can have at a Polaris dealership for a couple hundred dollars.


If you ask me, to have the chance to drive the new motorcycle I want to buy before getting into a twenty-five thousand dollar debt for less than what the monthly payment will be is priceless. Our Slingshot rental rates by the hour differ depending on what day of the week it is but check out any promotions we might have. We always have deals and discounts for anyone being referred by our native Polaris dealership.


Test Slingshot On The Road

In Miami, FL for a few days and want to maybe take an escape down to the Florida keys? This is the most recommended exotic vehicle to cruise down the ocean-view scenic interstate. In the open cockpit that sits inches from the floor, you feel the road and when we say you feel the road we mean it. The wind swirls from under the vehicle onto your body at speeds that make you feel like you are almost levitating above the road. At top speeds these beasts make you contemplate life’s value when you feel the vulnerability of only having 3 wheels and no fourth tire to balance out the vehicle’s rear-wheel drive. Rent a slingshot for multiple days and get our weekend deal price.


Slingshot Review


As being the oldest and first company in Miami, FL that rents slingshot’s, we have luckily grown due to our superior customer service. Our referral business has given us the rating as the only 5 Star Slingshot service to come into town and use. We always make sure to accommodate our customers as much as we can on any slingshot test.


Please be strongly advised that we recommend you to follow these driving techniques in order to not come into any situation where you will feel on the verge of crashing and potentially dying. These vehicles come with no roof.


  • Do not try to pass vehicles aggressively as the tale can easily drift sideways, causing you to spin out on the highway.
  • Past 90 mph the vehicle becomes very unstable and highly dangerous. Many experienced drivers have almost lost control at speeds after 90 miles per hour.
  • Making sharp turns will cause your tail to go sideways, try to keep the foot off the gas a bit while turning.
  • When parking the motorcycle use the rear view camera but focus on looking at the front end of the car as the fender is much wider than the rear of the Slingshot and you might hit the car parked next to you.


All these reviews and driving experience are acquired from having serviced more than 10,000 Slingshot rentals here in South Florida over the last 3 years. This is simply a test drive of a Polaris Slingshot, let’s make sure it stays that way and not in a tragedy.


We advise to enjoy your Polaris Slingshot rental but not abuse the laws and speed limits. There have been many very close calls with Slingshot riders.



Slingshot SL Specs


Polaris Slingshot powerful 3 wheeler with a 2.5L engine

When you test-drive a Polaris Slingshot you will truly admire the beauty this car is. From the physical attraction to the raw power it has; at 173 HP on a vehicle that weighs less than 2,000 pounds. The alloy 19” wheels, the low profile fender, and the modern curves are not just all looks. The Slingshot SL pushes close to 200 ft-lbs of torque that while make you get thrown into your bucket seats. The Slingshot Polaris price depends on what upgrades and features you want on your trike, but normally you are looking at 19,000 MSRP for a base model and close to 26,000 MSRP for the fully loaded package. Make sure to test drive a Slingshot if in Miami Beach, FL for a few days or happen to be lucky enough to live here in Miami.

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