How old do I need to be to be able to rent a slingshot?

21 years old. As long as you meet all the additional requirements you will be able to rent it above 21. Meaning there is no age limit but we suggest you think twice about the horsepower before you invite your grandma for a ride around the block.

What type of license do I need to drive a Slingshot?

You need a motorcycle endorsement to drive a Polaris Slingshot. For now in the state of Florida it is considered an “Auto-Cycle” do to its unique design.

Yes we know, it makes no sense because the slingshot drives like a car, feels like a car, and drives like a car, except topless and powerful… sorry we don’t make the rules.

What is the Fuel Policy on the rentals?

Fill’ er up! All Slingshots are rented with a FULL tank of PREMIUM gas. Unless specified on a promotion or special offer, it must be returned with a FULL tank of PREMIUM gas. Now, if you like you can leave the hassle to us and for $35 we will handle refueling of the slingshot.

How is the security deposit handled?

We ask for a minimum of $1,000 deposit on all rentals which is due at the time of the delivery of the slingshot. The amount of the deposit is based on a background and credit check, which is solely up to the companies discretion to decide how much security deposit will be held.  You can choose if you like to give the deposit in form of cash or card, if done with a credit card in most cases we will only do a PRE-AUTHORIZATION to simply verify if the funds are available to cover the security deposit. Once the slingshot is returned damage free, in the same condition as when picked up, the pre-authorization or deposit will be released.

Do you help me learn the basics to driving a slingshot?

Yes. we can guide you through basic suggestions and operating instructions of the slingshot. If you want to have a more advanced course, we can offer it as an additional hour-course during the first hour of your daily rental.

Does Slingshot Rentals Miami offer proper gear to drive the slingshot?

Yes. we offer all the additional safety items needed excluding any motorcycle clothing gear. (meaning gloves and jackets) We offer helmets at an additional cost of $10. If you have your own helmet or are part of the legislative exceptions for helmet use in the state of Florida, you do not need to rent a helmet with us.

How does Delivery and Pick-up of the slingshot work?

Simple. You give us an address within Broward or Miami-Dade County and we will deliver and pick-up at any location within these two counties for a minimum delivery charge. We also service Key West and Monroe County for a minimum day rental or a premium on the price of the rental. Now, with us you can have different delivery and pick-up locations as long as they are within the three counties of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe.

Meaning more liberty and flexibility for you. Making you an exclusive Lux Hub Client